Tome & Matty’s Excellent Adventure!

That’s right, folks: ROAD RALLY!

Fuzzy Pink Dice acquired from some rogue gnome…don’t ask

Round I: Way Out in Outlands…

The Rules:

1. Read the blog for clues. New clues will be posted with the regularity and frequency as time allows, but I do have a deadline, and that is June 17th. There will be fabulous prizes! Yes, yes a pony! The clues will be posted with plenty of time to try, so don’t freak out.

2. Try to find the secret locations: this round will have eight, and in Outlands. You will need an add-on that shows the coordinates, and screenshots should include this information. When you submit your screenshot, also please add the details of your find, the coordinates, and anything interesting that happened along the way..

3. You must, absolutely, must go on a land mount only. If you cheat, we have no way of knowing. But you will know, and the RNGs will know, and bring shame upon your family. Just sayin’.

4. This is important: Do not, please, do not submit anything to my or Tome’s blogs. Only submit your screenshot and verification of the spot to our contest email:

First Clue:

In the forest of Terokkar
Staring eyes haunt you, chilling and cold
and though you have traveled from afar,
be brave when crossing this terrifying threshold…

The prize:
Winner will receive an e-bay gift certificate for $50 to go toward a TCG mount or a Heart of the Aspect Mount

Theme Song: Route 66

*Thanks to Tome for creating that great image!
AND -lest I forget (it was early when I wrote this) Tome did all the heavy lifting to find Outland spots!