Just what I needed…

In my character development, (boy, that’s a loaded word, “development,” – sounds like I actually had a plan or something), …

In my character development of Mataoka, there has been something missing. In the role playing conversations, many have left her, and she found herself in that place that all adults do at one point, where since coming of age, her friends, family, and acquaintances splintered off on their own journeys. As the writer, or rather just an observer of this character, and her faithful scribe, I often felt some melancholy for her. It’s a difficult adjustment into maturity to simply like being in one’s own head, and enjoy one’s own company. This Maslow’s hierarchy of self-actualization is a boon for most of us, and Mataoka’s story holds no exception.

In other words — she is alone.

Cyrme posed the question after a terrible vandalizing incident in her virtual world what things would you “take” or be most upset about losing. I have thought about this for many days, and always kept circling back to the same answer, that the intangibles would be the most devastating to replace. Perhaps this is why we fear aging so much, losing our physical and mental acuity. We don’t want to miss what we’re missing.

The tangible objects are just those, what can be held:

There is a letter.

There is a ring.

And there is a dress.

They all have a story, and if they went up in smoke tomorrow, it would only create energy.

But these things I cannot replace:

Around Mataoka’s neck, she wears a silver key, and a tiny charm, a phial, with a few of her own tears inside. These tears were collected from surprise happiness, never sorrow. 

If you want to know why she cried, read this, please: The Shaman’s Horse

Thank you Tome and Navi. With all my heart. You make it bigger, and make me better every day.

Tome & Matty’s Excellent Adventure: The Comprehensive Compendium of Clues!

You know, try as I might, and I have really put forth an all-out effort on this, I cannot be two places at once. Well, maybe two, but not three. Two is my personal best. Takes a lot out of a girl to bend time and space. As I’m sitting on my tail-ring this morning, having promised promise to do this post, among several others, I feel so busted when caught playing. I need an add-on that pops up that says: these next activities that you think will be a few minutes will end up being exponentially greater. Do you really want to log in and out for that gem recipe? Do you really want to queue as DPS now? No, Matty- get up, get out, and go do something else…

Okay. No more yabbering.
(Scroll down for three more clues.)

In working on this Road Rally with Tome, I got the benefit of exploration, so if no one else participates but my own derping self, it will not hurt my feelings.

Here is what I found while looking for Tome’s spots*

*Yes, I know what/where they are–just wanted to see them for myself. She came up with good ones for Outland, and had to help me find them!

Next Clues:

Rock of Ages isn’t just a movie
This is where you go when things are not groovy
Seek out this place, and you will get tired
Sit and stay awhile, what’s your hurry?

If you eat these shrooms you will see double
And watch your step, there is bound to be trouble
Just there, in that knoll…
Watch out, there may be a troll

The inhabitants here seem nonchalant
and even, perhaps, a bit gallant
But in their pool you try to fish
You will quickly soon wish
That you were somewhere else
Perhaps Vermont?