Training raiders…WOOF! OUCH!!

Disclaimer: Tome, before you worry, don’t make too many assumptions and watch the whole video.

Big Bruiser Bosses

I am excited that my new guild is putting together a Team 2 raiding team. The details are still being ironed out, and I see that creating a good balance of DPS, Tanks, and Healers takes careful planning. 
However, one area that is somewhat new to me is the guild forum thread. 
It’s not that I am not familiar with blogs, wikis, forums, and other on-line forms of communications, but the guild forum thread must be its own animal. The lexicon of texting symbolism, iconography, is requiring a Rosetta Stone of runic translation tablets for me. 
In other words, what the heck is going on? What do you want me to do, and when and where do you want me to do it?
Am I on the team or not? I need graphs, charts, and data, people! Give me a good old-fashioned T-chart or other graphic organizer, and I’m good! I don’t understand this altQQ @@ QQ! I am feeling like the ignorant end of a Navajo code talker right about now. I do understand the statement, “…an enhancement shaman is a rare find…” (paraphrasing) but am not sure if this enhancement shaman of mine is being slotted to a lower position to make room for the elemental shaman, or what? Are my 390+ geared alts worthy? Who knows?! QQ~!
But here is what I do know — raiding is an interesting endeavor. It is better to learn from ground up with a group, lead by patience and tolerance, and it is never just one player who causes all the success or failures. Ever. This is a computer game, with coding, matrices, and rules, dammit, of 0100100s. But, there is what I call the “mojo factor,” the “it” thing that cannot be described. Sometimes you can have all the buttons work, and everything gels. But it takes time and practice. Winning teams do not go out on the fields and win championships without a whole lot of drills, whistle-stops, push-ups, and whatnot. (Being more of a solo athlete, I get the concepts of team sports, and can slop out a sports analogy with the best of them. There is no “I” in metaphor.)
My rogue buddy told me yesterday the reason I was getting trips and blips was because I play on a Mac. He’s probably right. He always is. Not much I can do about it. Not getting a PC. Never mind that many games are designed on Macs. I guess the analogy is just because the Maserati is built in a factory doesn’t mean the factory workers are race-car drivers. Okay, not that great of an analogy but I’m tired people. Spent an hour trying to uncover the subtexts of guild forums. Cut me a break. 
I had a Great Dane once. She didn’t bark, except at men, and especially men wearing hats, which was problematic living outside of Chicago when I was a kid. But I bet every raid leader would like one of these for the raid team members:
The dog owner uses the collar on himself first: his cross-eyed response when shocked is priceless. So raid leaders — put the collar on first, Alpha, and lead the pack. 
Omega out.

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