Food is love…

Though somewhat of a relunctant prima donna, Ceniza is true to her magical nature, and charming the tweets off of little woodland and forest creatures comes with the turf:

“Antiguo Amor is always at her side…carrying a torch for Ceniza..”

She made some high-protein snacks for the little animals, hoping she wasn’t spreading bovine spongiform around…I mean, have you ever actually seen how the rhino sausage gets made? Let’s just say there is a dearth of health inspectors in Azeroth.

Another nice surprise of the day came when she was flying around Shadowmoon, leveling some herbalism (for a chef always uses the freshest ingredients), she obtained the Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari by putting the hit on some very handsome ruthless men and monsters. Their hair did get a little messed up. Not to be outdone, Mataoka flew straight to the site, and did what she needed to do to obtain hers, too. She shared the information with guildmates, and when confronted with the exact details of “where” and “who,” could only say, “You know, left at the demon, by the fence, and there’s an entourage, down past Old Man Jenkin’s goo pond, as the crow flies past the thing…can’t miss it.”
Lot of help she is. 

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