You’re traveling into another dimension…

I am tripping out over the paradox of a virtual fantasy world having its own virtual fantasy lore within its lore; logically, I shouldn’t be surprised that we who live in this alternative universe/reality would also create sub-plots and layers of fiction. Here in our own existence, we have four dimensions: time, length, width, depth, and a confetti of stories to celebrate them together, explain the unexplainable, or manufacture science from legends. Ironyca ponders the urban legends in Azeroth:

If the gobbling Prince does indeed have a wine cellar, perhaps he’ll share some of his good stuff, or perhaps he’s saving that for a special occasion*. Like, when I down Ragnaros. Or, even more unbelievable, get my Real ID to work with some new friends. I smell a conspiracy. And I’d like those bones in cages around the Darkmoon Faire investigated.

*Who am I kidding? He’s saving it for the black-market.

Since it’s on the Internet, it must be true. Take these with a grain of salt:

This is also a true story: there is a new NPC, a pet battle trainer, who is also named “Matty.” 

My reaction:

Oh, and I also heard a rumor that the Yak mount is going up to 120,000 gold.

Okay. Going to hunt for Bigfoot for a while. Much less terrifying.

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