Okay, enough whining about not understanding theorycrafting.

I’m good at other things – friendships, and baking French Vanilla cupcakes at 10PM. Oh, and finding strange things on the Internet – when doing some research for Ironyca’s post, I came across this image:

How would you like to be taking out the trash and find this on your trashcan?

That…thing…and yes, it has a mother, whom I am sure loved it…is a coconut crab. And when I went to look for it again, and Google’d ‘coconut crab’ its image was linked to images of very big…coconuts, too. Kudos to the purveyors of those other coconuts to use a commonly searched-for image to peddle their wares, too. You’re on your own with this one.

But in my “I am not hit-capped-yet-and-way-over-on-my-expertise” funk, Navi popped into my world for a screenshot! Delightful!! As sweet as a cupcake and nutty as happy squirrel, she made my morning! I summoned her, hopped on my Sandstone, and away we flew to a big white tree in Crystalsong…did you know when you land on those limbs, they sway? Did not know that. Just like I didn’t know those crabs existed…and landwalk.

Theme Song: I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

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