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Many days ago, our guild’s “expert” on all things MoP was saying the first wave of new content would be coming out August 25-26th, and before that the big release date of September 25 was announced. September 26 is a BIG day for me in real life, so I thought, “Well, gee. Okay.” And then my reaction to the late August announcement was more in line with “Oh, sh*t.”

Look – some of you know what I do in real life. It really makes no difference to my virtual Azerothian life: if anything, my Azerothian life has pushed more into my real life than the other way around. And I’m not dealing with the push-back well.

I promised no negative posts, and that is an easy promise to keep–this is not about Blizzard, or dates, or real life, or anything. It’s about a convergence of factors, things out of my control, and how I’m going to handle it. This is about the natural sighs that accompany any transition — an end of a summer romance. For those of you who do know more about my personal life than others, I had to take the month of July and heal up. I just did. All the projects, chores, good intentions, etc. had to “stay put” while I sorted out, meditated, and moved some of the puzzle pieces around. It’s all good. Bear summed up my feelings perfectly when it comes to how I’ve been internally negotiating with myself some of the anticipated disappointments I know will happen. I even contemplated asking a very trusted player to play my shaman to get me through the ICC thing at least. (Oh, like you never wanted someone to farm for you or play your character!) But turning of the keys to my shaman is too much for even me to contemplate. Besides, I want to be there when, and if, it happens.

I am going to be visiting my folks tomorrow – my mom needs me, and I miss her and my dad anyway, and am looking forward to it. But it means in terms of the unfinished business of Miss Shammypants that while I will be able to derp around and farm on my laptop, no raiding or dungeons of any kind. This is really bugging me. I have only one final thing to do for the ICC thingy, and three more for dungeon hero (which two of them were SO DAMN CLOSE!). Why is this bugging me so much? Why don’t I have time to do them? Well, because I’m doing things once again for everyone else. Like I said, I took July and some of August for myself, because well, I had to. It was either be selfish or find my size with a jacket with wrap-around sleeves.

Vidyala’s retrospective is great: http://manalicious.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/cinematic-retrospective-a-look-at-warcraft-trailers/ and so is Bear’s insight: http://thebigbearbutt.com/2012/08/16/world-of-warcraft-mists-of-pandaria-game-trailer-is-live/

Almost every blogger is excited about the release, and I for one absolutely LOVE the cinematic. It is great. And I know, so what if I don’t get those things done? Well, the anticipated disappointment is because I know when the Pandas hit the fan, no one, and I mean no one, is going to want to do any old stuff anymore. It’s a reality of gamers. Hell, it’s a reality of people. Know how it feels when someone asks you to help them move, or take them to the airport? Yup. They are going on a journey and you’re not included in anything but the work part. But hear me clearly: as far as Bear’s ICC runs, with him, I know I have a true hero. For real and true. And if I never get that done with that amazing group because of my family obligations, and yeah, I love my family, so it’s not a chore at all, maybe when the dust settles someone will want to complete it with me. Maybe some rainy fall day someone will say, “Hey Matty, want to finish up Cata hero?” and I’ll say, sure! So when you watch my silly little clip above that is why I cry and laugh. I know it’ll be okay, even if the big waves of new content hit the shore just as more tidal waves of real life are going to be crashing down on me.

Theme Song: Grouplove/Itchin’ on a Photograph (holy timewarp: does the lead singer remind you of Michael Hutchins, too?)

Oh, and stay tuned: I should have time to write on the blog (gods help you all) I have been feeling this way for a long time, and have some thoughts on Druid, and other classes’, healing:

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