Still on Pacific time, I was up goofing around and saw one of my best buddies was in Serpentshrine…Serpentshrine! They LOVE me there! I have been wanting to get the Avatar hood for Zep since mog first came out, so I asked (rudely, as in, “invite me now and summon please!”) and off I went. There were no other heroes on my token, so anything priestly that dropped would not have to be shared. I know it’s old mog news by now, but I think she looks amazing:

But…back it up a bit. So, yes, great and beautiful helm, full of stars and mystery, but earlier in the night many guildmates were finishing up their Cata hero things. I optimistically said I hoped I could ‘rally the troops’ and do them when I come home. I was told what I already knew, that with the patch coming out it would be tough to rally those troops again. Tell me something I don’t know. But–not one to be discouraged for too long–I did ask, on the side, if I a girl could get a little help when I return, and just the positive response from this player was all I needed to hear. Did you ever think of that? Sometimes it’s not that we get something done, it’s that we know someone will be there for us in spirit? Cool, huh? I felt this huge sense of relief. And when Navi says she’s in the same boat for some things, it’s not that misery loves company, it’s more like achievement seekers feel comforted in knowing there are kindred spirits out there. 
I really do know some amazing folks who live part-time in Azeroth. 
In trying to figure out which character is going to get their promotions, of course it’s shaman, and then I can’t leave paladin, priest, and mage behind. The trio of shaman/paladin/priest has been like three parts of myself, and it won’t be a chore to get them moving forward. Their stories are not over yet, not by half.
Theme Song: (When In Texas, Do As Texans Do)

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