(revised) En Garde! A Compendium of Fencing and…RESULTS!

Of course—you know I can’t just post results, I have to make it all historical and sh*t. Sorry. I fear, also, this will not as amusing commentary either, but swordplay is no laughing matter. It is serious business. When JD asked for hostesses for the events, I considered none other than this one. I think because of my short time as a ballerina in high school, and martial artist, fencing is one sport that looks so deadly elegant, I am drawn to its charms.

Found this ancient book on a shelf in the kitchens of a fiesty gnome: A History of Fencing What he was doing with it next to the Treatise on Cupcakes and the Theramore Tourist Guide, I have no idea.

I confess, I did not watch the summer Olympics. I watched the building of the Olympic pool, and I watched the lousy swim reporter, but that was about it. However, my Rogue told me of the horrible events for the poor South Korean fencer, Shin A-Lam, all because of a broken clock and rules that do not fit with modern technology. I still cry “bullsh*t” on this whole mess. This broke my heart.

Did you also know that ballet and fencing are instrinsically linked? I learned this when I took ballet in high school, and thought “how cool is that?”

But of course,there is the master of swords, Inigo Montayo:

Last I heard he was opening up a School for Pirates somewhere in southern Spain.

Oh, winners? What? You’re tired of taking notes? Okay, fine. A+ for you all, and here you go:

Gold Medalist from Lower City!

Silver Covenant for the Silver!

Bronze awarded to Silvermoon City!

Here are all the contestants in their amazing outfits, er, gear!

August 30: With abiding and deep apologies, here is the missing entrant: – absolutely, positively stunning:

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