Shamans got talent…

Still have that “deer in the headlights” look—but it’ll get better

There were a few posts back, Tzufit from the fantastic Tree Heals Go Woosh (I am not joking – you want to read some amazing, articulate writing, just click over there. I’ll wait. Just remember to come back) wrote about the new talent trees. I am still feeling a little shaky about making poor choices depending on the “situational environment.” But — my bigger concern was not being able to have more in-depth conversations about what’s what. I was a lonely shaman.

But–I am not worried about that any more.

I logged on and my GM was back, poking around on his restoration shaman, and he and I had an in-depth, and in no way nerdy, conversation about some of our choices. I tabbed to read his recommendation from IcyVeins, and though it was mostly what I knew, I am of the belief that reading and re-reading information is best. I am sham-sorbant, and need time to soak it all in.

It is those conversations–those friendships, those discussions, that are wonderful to me, and what keeps me loyal and engaged. I didn’t agree with all of the choices Icy Veins suggested for my enhancement shaman, but since all it’s going to cost my play performance is some time on the dummies and some dust of disappearance.

So–in that–I leave you to go drop a totem or two.

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