Watchdogs of Azeroth

Nice doggy, nice doggy….

Recently in my email blog feed, Matticus is asking for our help. Help?! Lassie, is Timmy stuck in the well again?! How can I be of service? Do I bring a fire hose or a life vest?! I AM SO THERE!

*cough* Excuse me – I get a little overexcited. Anyway, the gist is, he is looking for great blog links in various categories. The ego in me thought, “Well, gee, Matty, your blog has a few readers, but what genre is it? Does it help anyone? Does it provide tactical advice or strategies? Does it help the good citizens of Azeroth make gold or shinies?” No. Alas, it does none of those things.

But then I considered the other blogs I frequent, and what we do tend to write about: We are the Watchers. We write many different things and many different topics, but overall, we write about life, “real” virtual life in Azeroth, and how it crosses the threshold from flesh and blood to pixel and particle. We are the ones who notice when things go wonky, we write our wishes for the game, our triumphs, our tragedies, our complaints, and in general, I swear if Blizzard ever once just followed the cache of blogs I am going to mention, it would be a beautiful World of Warcraft indeed. If I forget to link anyone it is not because I don’t think you’re not worthy — I am attempting some semblance of genre classifcation. (I would add Manalicious, and Red Cow Rise, and then basically just look at my blogroll!)

These are the bloggers I consider Watchdogs:

Tome of the Ancient
The Daily Frostwolf
Amateur Azerothian
Big Bear Butt
Harpy’s Nest
Confessions of a Grown Up Gamer
Ironyca Stood in the Fire
Tree Heals Go Woosh

We are conscious of unfair game play, of asshats, of heroes, and of our own foibles and follies. And we report it. 

Again, if you look at my blogroll is it chock-full of amazing writers. Some have a heavy slant towards transmogrification (another category to consider, Matticus), and some are biased toward character development.

If you think of any others that come under the category of “Azeroth Neighborhood Watch” please comment away!

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