Morning news…

Shaman Update:
After getting cleaned up, pouring myself that first cup of black coffee, I open up email, and see, “Soul here.” What!? Damn! Did I lose that thing again? Is it sending me a message from a sunny beachside, letting me know it’s run away with an imp and going to set up permanent residence in Bora Bora? Whew…no. It was a guildmate who goes by the handle/nickname Soul, sending me some research on shamans. This is the kind of quest I can get behind: a quest for knowledge! Sorry, it’s early. Anyway, here are the links he sent me:


Good ol’ Hugh and MMO! When I have time to study your comprehensive guides, I will!

Two Warlocks and a Priest walk into a dungeon…

Tank and DPS leave.
It’s Kellda, another Demonology warlock and a Discipline priest.

The three of us cleared that dungeon: amazingly satisfying, if I do say so.

One screenshot from the rubble…

I always wondered about that:

Ironyca debunks one urban myth I also heard:

So–feeling a certain calm before the storm, or maybe it’s the clam before the storm? /shrug.

Think I need more coffee.

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