Mother Nature’s Daughter, all the same…

Well, Luperci did not bring home the trophy for September’s Neri Approves transmog contest.

The Blood Elf did.


Moving on – still really like what Luperci put together. But more importantly, I like to bring awareness to the Born That Way Foundation.  Though I had heard about it, I was prompted to donate by a tweet of Lodur’s:

I am telling you truth: I know teenagers and adults who have been affected, and died, as a direct result of bullying and harrassment over who they fundamentally are. I am waiting for the day when it’s a nonissue. We have other things to worry about than who someone chooses to love.

And Jill – for whatever reasons you chose almost thirty years ago, I wish you had stuck around to see how much things have changed, and how you could have helped. Maybe somehow you are.

Theme Song: Born This Way/Lady Gaga

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