The Story of Ferdinand

This entire expansion is my “Once upon a time” place. I love it, even if some of these stories end in tragedy.

My elite rare signal went off, and I found this sweet yak sleeping under a honeybee tree in the Jade Forest:

I tiptoed up to him, and was considering what to do. He was there, sleeping. He seemed harmless. And — his name was Ferdinand. Ferdinand is the story of a gentle bull who only wants to smell flowers, and not harm a soul.  But of course, other players did not know the legend of Ferdinand, only seeing silver frames, and swooped down to kill him:

No wonder why I was in a funk last night.

I was reading Navi’s blog earlier, and she has this story:

As I am sharing my tale of meeting Ferdinand the yak, allusion to Ferdinand the Bull, young leet druid asks me if I killed him, and I said, no – he seemed so sweet sitting there amongst the flowers, and no matter how close, no aggro or harm was intended. I asked the player who did tag-and-bag Ferdinand what he dropped, and of course, just some basic stuff.

I am proud I didn’t feel the need to kill him. Maybe someday down the road I’ll be stuck in a bad spot, and Ferdinand will repay the kindness. Oh, that melee spells you see up there? That’s because once rousted, Ferdinand indeed was mighty pissed off at both of us. I’m nice, but there were repair bills to consider.

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