Song & Dance Man

Cha…cha cha…cha!

I got nothin’.

No exciting rare pets, no amazing gear, no exalted reps, no bumper crops, nothin’.

If you don’t see many new posts, here’s what’s what. For some reason, I am going to try to do NaNoWriMo.¬†

I noticed this morning I had lost a follower. I know folks bail off of this little blog for a variety of reasons. I am really grateful for every one who reads and writes me. This morning, I realized it was Elizabeth Gossett, otherwise known as Waterbender/Shamanolic. She’s the one who taught us how to splash healing rain and get naked. How cool is that?! So in true stubborn blogger style I tracked her down to her new blog, Spiritwalker’s Grace.¬†Check it out when you have a moment–it’s beautiful, professional, and awesomesauce. The thing is, everyone has so many things to read, think about, and consider. The media universe is an amazing place, and there is not infinite time to look at infinite stars.

Now—I am not sure how I am going to manage the 1677+/- words/day to equal the 50K words, the average number of words in an average novel. But I am going to try. I may have to double up on Thanksgiving weekend, and Veteran’s Day, but I want to give it a shot. My concept has nothing to do with Azeroth, so don’t expect much here. But there are still mages to level, shamans to shock, and priests to get all psycho. Those Draenei girls are pretty seductive; but so are keyboards and fresh pages.