This is the worst Boss yet. 

Yesterday I went to continue my NaNo – I had 1680 words of tripe, but there were a few gems in there. The file was gone. After detective work and tears, I realized I must have shut something down or dragged things incorrectly in the backup software, and it was wiped. Gone. Really gone. Cross-dressing rogue tried to help, but then he misunderstood my anger and thought it was misdirected at him, so that caused no small amount of friction in the Matty-shack. So a bad situation got worse. No buff food. No repair gold. And the Word file is still mocking me from somewhere in the ether. And I am not kidding: I have never, ever lost a Word file before. Ever. Until yesterday, of course. (And for those well-meaning folks out there who are going to give me tips on recouping things –trust me, it’s gone.)

So being November 2, I was facing down approximately 3400 words, and was exhausted. I can see why folks don’t do this now, and it’s only Day 3. Because I chose to try to sleep I’m now on 5100 words, and I have a class today.

Coffee, where are you? Coffee answers, in a snarky tone, “Ready, Matty. As always. Now get busy.”