You’re never there.

The Good News:
I recouped 1690 of the words. I know my process–I’ll do better when the main character reaches up from the muck and slaps me in the face and says PAY ATTENTION TO ME. She hasn’t done that yet.  She’s been in my  head for gee, oh, about five years now.

The Bad News: 
I am now behind quite a bit, but I got a lot of other things done. Things that should be called “Real Life Skills that Pay the Real Life Bills.” Oh, and I got to pop into Azeroth for a bit too.

Oh. And there’s this:
1. Dungeon #1 on Zep. Paladin took her healing mace.
2. Dungeon 2: kicked because I took a sip of coffee and forgot to dispel. (Hey, my priorities are spot on)
3. Dungeon #3: Decided to need on a staff for OS, since that’s what I play on Zep a lot now, and before I did, made sure to look mage over–he had much better gear. He called me a douche before he took his leave.

Yea, people!

Whatever suckers.

My friend told me a joke today:

What do you call a ghost and bee?
A boobie.
Get it? Yes, I am still giggling. He said boobie.

Okay, my other friend has been running a series of cute baby animal photos on Facebook, steeling herself against any negative political fall-out. I found this one:

Oh, and Cymre put out a post today I just can’t top:

Neri posted her November transmog contest:

Being Northern-hemisphere centric, it’s difficult to imagine spring time blossoms when the blustery November fall is spinning around my ears.

Maybe the bunny will help.

Postscript: There are a full assortment of great posts out there – Erinys’ really struck my fancy:
(Albeit it is sorely lacking in baby animals.)

Theme Song: Cake /

Even better: Pixies: Where is my mind?