RTMT: Dances with Goats

Party Like A Greek God!*

What the hell is wrong with me?!

How could I not remember when I woke up at my usual ungodly hour that today is stupidblahblah day?  I knew when I woke up that I could make some coffee, and do some Golden Lotus dailies on Zep in peace. I hate to wait until I get home; it’s crowded and mean-spirited, including my own added sense of competition. And not only that, but in the States there’s kind of a big deal going on today. You know. Leadership of the Free World and all that nonsense. The Dog-Strapper-On-Car-Man vs. Family-Dog-Man contention. It cost about a billion dollars to sort this one out. I know sweetheart, it makes me cry, too.

“Matty,” you say innocently, “Don’t you have the NaNo thing to do? You’ve been so busy, and this hour before you leave for work is a great time to work on that, don’t you think?”

Let me pour some hot coffee on your lap, Inner Voice.

Well, sure, fine, I know. But first: TO THE PROCRASTINATION MACHINE!*

Tonight I’m going to venture in with the guild in a 25-man configuration. I am still not clear on why the guild leaders wanted to switch from 10 to 25 mans, not that I’m opposed, or pro, or anything, I just haven’t had the experience or time to really understand. Call me an undecided voter. One very negative fall-out though, which I discovered last night, is that one of my good and solid guild buddies who was really looking forward to bear tank raiding, was asked to DPS. He was pretty crushed, and I think it kind of sucks. That took me totally by surprise — I assumed 25-mans meant you had more room for more roles. I’m going in as a resto shaman, by-the-by.

The other question that was asked in guild chat last night was a one-stop Internetty-place for the justice point gear. Near as I can reckon, this isn’t too bad:


The update time also provided me with an opportunity to peruse the guild forum, and saw that GM wants us all to have this installed: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/epgp_lootmaster Neri writes about gear and guild leadership, too: http://neriapproves.com/2012/11/06/the-purple-parlor-officers-lounge-ep01/

*Speaking of Neri, this scene of Pan-centric Peace painting inspired me for this month’s mog contest. But it’ll have to wait. I’ve got Mogu to slay and trolls to punch.

Polite Society and Friendly Competition
I’ll be honest: that little shaman girl has been shelved a bit. I have been focusing on Zeptepi, trying to go all Pygmalion on her tail and make her into something I am not sure she can be. Coincidentally, I noticed Matticus having the same discussion. 

Because I haven’t focused on my ‘main,’ (I still distrust this concept thoroughly and find it incredibly suspect and annoying), I may not be quite up to snuff tonight. I have noticed here and there that the big guild has many new players: one is a new enhancment shaman. As soon as I saw her addition, I knew I would be out for a dps slot. Don’t ask me how I knew. I just knew. Meh. And it was confirmed last night when my GM said, “________will give you a run for your money, Matty.” Yup. No doubt. There are a million reasons why players are better than I am, mostly because they just are. At some point it’s up to each of us to decide how much we care. The term ‘friendly competition’ is an oxymoron. Any competition with someone else means we want to be over them in some token or authentic way. It’s nothing but a king of the mountain thing. I might replace ‘friendly’ with the word ‘healthy.’ The framework of competition, its very nature, means no one will be the same as another. Imagine a dungeon or raid where every damage and dps score is the exact same, every healing number leveled and plateaued. Any time someone /shrugs and just plays, the potential for coming off like sour grapes is likely, so I’ll just go over here and have a cup of wine with Pan up there. (And I still contest that the person I am most competitive with is myself, and no one will ever top the meters on that one.)

Borrowed Language
I noticed I’ve been using “spot on” a bit lately, and then damn, wouldn’t you know it? I’m just like everyone else. Pretty soon I’ll be affecting a British accent just to impress Navi, going all Madonna-In-Her-Guy-Ritchie-Phase: http://www.npr.org/2012/11/01/164032659/even-americans-find-some-britishisms-spot-on

The Hot Tub Game
I don’t think two constitutes a pattern, but so far I have noticed a few hot tub parties in Pandaria:

Can you imagine the smell?! WTB Air Freshener.

I dare you to get in that Hozen hot tub.

So, my sweet friends, I leave you with this screenshot of my Pandora list, and what was playing when I logged in. Lovely, absolutely lovely: