RTMT: Why does it always have to be snakes?

Did you ever try to log in on a Tuesday morning, forgetting that it was update day? Still type in your password, hoping that maybe, just maybe, Blizzard wouldn’t include you in their plans, giving you a backstage pass to time in Azeroth while the rest of the proletariat has to slog and log onto mundane media formats? Okay, maybe that’s just me. But that is how time has been for me of late – very choppy, disconnected, and lacking focus, almost to a pathological level. I used to be so checklist-driven, my mental health greatly dependent upon big, black Sharpies obliterating minutia and getting sh*t done, Samuel Jackson style. There were no mo-fo snakes on my mo-fo plane, I’ll tell you that. Well, not only are there snakes, but they’re venomous and cranky.

So, please allow me to do a delivery of brain matter here. This is un-apologetically random, even for the Random Tuesday Morning Thought. However, stick with it, because you might get sparked/inspired, too.

1. What the hell is going on here?

Did you ever wander into a scene, and notice that things do not seem quite copacetic? Recently, in Pandaria, I noticed these two vignettes that disturbed my peace of mind:

What the…?! (Jade Forest)

 This one is in Prankster’s Hollow (which is a delightful name) – animal skulls and a pit, and a smell of burnt cinnamon. This can’t be good.

2. Ceniza puts on a show:

The Glyph of Disguise is wonderful. There are a few that are repeated, but every now and then I get a surprise:

Ceniza, for heaven’s sake, eat a sandwich!

And one for the ladies! Woot! (I love how when I do mirror image, whatever I am at that moment mirrors, too!)

3. How does your garden grow? With silver songbells and time-sink wells…

Señor and I are trying very hard to get those damn motes– we just like making stuff, and those motes/sprites are a huge limiting factor, and it’s very disheartening. We have laid waste to hundreds of beasties in the Jade Forest for a handle here and there. I heard a rumor that you can grow them when you level up rep with the Tillers. I have no beef with the Tillers, it’s just that after my first garden died, it kind of took the wind out of my sails. (Oh, how I love mix metaphors in the morning!) Anyway, sir, here is a screenshot of what we need to grow those bloody things:

In fact, that was going to be the first thing I was going to do this morning, was to check on the garden Momokawa started. Sad face, sad face.

4. Stupid raiding. 

I was all excited about raiding as a resto shaman, and then things are still flucuating. Remember that thing about goals, focus, and checklists? I need a few more earth signs in my world, people! Give me a solid Taurus or Capricorn, so I can find some solid footing under my watery Pisces feet!

Guess this doesn’t matter anymore. Poop.

5. Why I should be doing Pet Battles instead.

Why have I been wasting my time?! LOOK! A baby goat! A BABY GOAT!
Just kidding! (Get it?! Get it?!!!)

6. And more drafts and sticky notes:

I have failed at NaNoWriMo. But that’s okay. I think I’ll do what Bear is going to do, and just write when I can. I was hoping the structure of 30 days would light a fire under my tail, but no.

I also have a draft of a story about Ceniza, Theramore, and the black stallion named Cad, short for cadeau. But I am not sure I can, or want to, compare with Eriny’s beautiful writing:

The good thing is writing is never a contest, and never a competition. We all have our stories to tell, and that is inherently the beauty of it all.

Just not sure when I can do it. Can’t steal moments at work – it is locked down tight. Can’t steal moments at home. Dryer broke, bills are biting my ankles, and other stuff is making me hold my metaphorical breath. But I’ll get to it. Just after I pick these cabbages.

Dear Matty: Love Connection

Dear Matty:
My significant other and I recently broke up. She did not get my obsession with WoW, and I did not get her obsession with Bad Girls. Okay, well maybe that one made sense, but the other chick things she was into, you know, talking to me, having me listen, all that junk, well, it just didn’t work out. How does a handsome but sometimes fuzzy dude meet a single lady on-line in Azeroth who’s not stalker, creeper, needy, or a dude?

Lovelorn in Laederon

Dear Lo:

Dude, I ain’t touching this one with a ten-foot polearm. Good luck, sir.

Theme Song: Train/50 Ways To Say Goodbye