What I don’t get about you…

Adios, Vaquero Twinkie…vaya con dios…

So, the Hostess Bakery closed down, and Americans were fraaa-eeekin’ out that our beloved Twinkies would cease to sparkle. From news reports, Aussies, Brits, and others just did not get our Yanks’ panic on this potential loss of a snack treat. Admittedly, I myself have not had a Twinkie since the fourth grade, and that was some time ago. I was more of a cherry pie girl myself. Twinkies were infamous for being one of those foods that had so many preservatives it was purported they would last through Armageddon. This made me think, and I am putting this out to my Aussie, Brit, and other world-wide buddies from Azeroth out there: what else don’t you get about us Yanks?

Here are some of my guesses, but please, add your own. Be brutal. It’s okay. I’m not sure I get them either:

1. Boy bands.
2. Bacon
3. Lack of ability to maintain separation of church and state
4. Lip gloss
5. Bad beer
6. Honey BooBoo

Things you do:

1. Blue jeans
2. Delivered pizza
3. Rock’n’Roll
4. Starbucks
5. Cheeseburgers
6. Big, puppy-like enthusiasm

Okay, my anglophilic friends – what is one thing you think a hearty “WTF!”* about your State-side friends? Keep it light – we are on the same side, ya know!

On the WoW side, if you’re Alliance or Horde, what are some things you don’t get about the opposite faction? Very curious about this!

*Said in your adorable accents! Everything sounds proper under a banner of Queen Elizabeth’s doleful gaze!

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