RTMT: Fresh Prince of Patchaire

More Sigils, Please.

I drafted this on Tuesday morning, for the Random Tuesday Morning Thought; however, Little Miss Computer Pants decided to wig out and act all stupid and stuff, so it is so random I’m posting it on a Wednesday. Maybe my computer has Prince’s press agent, and was trying to shut down my creativity, purple raining all over me.

Did you ever have one of those weeks? Where you think Mondays are Tuesdays, and Saturdays sit in Thursday’s lap? Odd. Must have something to do with the space-time continuum. Or maybe lack of sleep.

I had a hunch 5.1 would be coming out really soon, and then I saw JD’s feeder email, and sure enough, whoop, there it is!

I am not prepared. But I will try.

But see, now you’re all so busy with patchy-McPatch-pants, you won’t have time for my random silliness. Don’t blame you. There’s work to be done! But just in case, Here are some meanderings of the world, and my report back to homebase:

Story If You Have Time No. 1:

This National Geographic piece is about a photographer named Paul Nicklen. Look at the big teeth. Look at the very big teeth that can chomp a full-grown penguin in two. Look at the big teeth that come with a full array of maternal instincts.


Story If You Have Time No. 2:


and he has the same hunch about the Black Prince as I do:


Story If You Have Time No. 3:

My friend and I were lamenting that we wish WoW could be played on a Kinnect. And since after the big holiday weekend my blue jeans this morning are, shall we say, a bit more snug than perhaps I would like, I wish this were the case. Maybe if I get a treadmill and set up my laptop for dailies – wonder how that would work? http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/11/20/165293511/can-you-move-it-and-work-it-on-a-treadmill-desk

And no, Tome, I don’t have dogs to walk, sadly.

Story If You Have Time No. 4:

I want to go here. I want to go here NOW.

Maybe I’ll see Santa!

Story If You Have Time No. 5:

This is a follow-up story for me: I tried to do LFR last night, and was so laggy/choppy/yucky, there was no way. I just watched in horror as frameshot after frameshot showed my virtual self in a strobe-light effect of death. It was embarrassing too because there were folks I knew in there, and they must of thought terrible things of me. Oh well. Try again another day. But I am trying to figure out Grid.