Series: I am a…shaman

Earlier this week while perusing one of my favorite sites, the National Geographic site, I came across this amazing pictorial of real life shamans.

Shamans are in the unique position of healers, spiritual leaders, and mastering the elements of air, water, fire, and earth in ways no other healer or force of nature can yield. Many have said that enhancement shamans are the class to play now, or at least coming into their own. This news gives me a mixed bag of feelings about my true-blue class: vindication, satisfaction, and yes, even a bit of ‘the blues…’ I feel I should be coming into my own now with this ‘main,’ and yet—yet in some ways I am stalled. Like many life journeys, mastering one’s destiny is a work in progress. We learn lessons repeatedly, no mater how intelligent, no matter our levels of common sense. But one thing I am reminding myself of, because hard-won experience does provide an incredible buff, is the yin/yang of balance. For every minor funk or obstacle, there is the boomerang effect of hope circling back.

I’d love to complete this post by writing the spell rotation for restoration or enhancement specs. I’d love to showcase the talents the lovely Mataoka plays with, but “she’s” in deep meditation now, on top of the mountain, and feels that any advice or guidance she would offer is as dried up as an incense stick burnt to the wooden staff. So no advice on playing here, or what totem to drop when. All in good time, all in good time.

However we players may be feeling or responding to the current state of affairs in Azeorth, consider tying quick prayer rag on a mother tree, and let your prayers and hopes brighten the world.


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