RTMT: Fifty Shade…lings

…it’s only server restarts, this is pretty damn random. It is tough to indulge my flights of fancy when the world wants to keep me grounded. 

So these are just some sprinkles, some ephemera, of recent play:
Finally beat Bloodknight Poopypants, of the Hair Gel Clan.

This may be my Christmas card…

Best time of the year…

Desecrated oil is another one of those potions that has interesting side effects…

I may never beat Nearly Headless Jacob (Nick’s younger brother?) but damn, his pets are awesome!

So, I was reading up on Shadelings, and the advice was that they are up early in the morning, Hey! I’m up early in the morning, too! I can do this! 

Once I found my way in the Basements of Karazhan, there they were! (Had to get that spirit out of my way first…)

And oh yeah baby! First one, a blue, and you are mine! I shall take you home and love you, and squeeze you, and hug you…

Not sure why this happened.
So, I’m a little behind my blog writing. It’s cool. Holidays are right around the corner, and nothing a few gift cards can’t fix. Got plenty of food in case of snowstorms, and as long as my power stays on, all is well. 

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