It’s the most wonderful time…

All I wanted to do yesterday was sleep, my long winter’s nap, don kerchief, have a night cap, something like that. But all that was on was “How It’s Made,” and I just didn’t feel like watching the manufacturing of goods. (Oh, perambulator makers: those are gorgeous, and your craftsmanship is excellent, but watching Cheetos made is actually more interesting.)

Go to Mt. Hyjal? You ask. Sure!

And, wait…what is this?

Thrall’s festive tableau

and one more thing to ask for:

This would be a great glyph to have: Thrall’s Dire Psychedelic Dire Wolf!

And whoa whoa whoa…

A boss…wearing…is that a….Winter Veil hat?!?!

Stonecore never seemed so…festive

Now I’ve seen everything.

Any festive surprises that have delighted you out there?

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