Scourged w/helpings

I have five minutes. I have five resentful minutes. The completely intoxicating, overwhelming urge to stay home, write, create, and think for myself, no interruptions, is completely taking over me at this very second. And there is not a damn thing I can do about it. Thankfully, Mr. Snerrguls has packed my cell phone and found my keys, and says he’ll take good care of the working area while I’m gone. (This means he’ll clean up his seaweed crisps and bubble tea mess –step in the right direction, Mr. S!)

So here are some things I need to share before I dash off:

Tome has seen the Scourged Whelpings. As I told her in a post, auto correct makes it come out ‘scourged w helping.’ I need help finding these bloody things. They are my Bigfoot. They are my Loch Ness. They are my bipartisanship in Congress. I do not believe they exist.

I got this letter from Thelonius. At first I was very excited because I thought it might be from Thelonius Monk, the famous jazz musician, a correspondence from the grave. Alas, no, just a slipped note, with a typo no less (can you find it?! Don’t despair- it’s pretty obvious.)

How come I feel like Ellia is the school bully who wants to beat me up after school? I’m telling!

Oh, and here’s one more thing to keep me off-task after hours! (Thanks a hell of a lot, Cymre!)

This is my writer avatar – cute!

Theme Song: ‘Round Midnight

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