Happiest place on earth…

I never have to troll Reddit, because CDR does it for me– he found this gem the other day:

“What is the happiest fact you know?” and one of the responses was that “this m—-f—-exists.”

I am fairly certain that is some critter from Australia, probably a wombat. First of all, of course it’s happy! It lives in Australia, for God’s sake! I don’t have to say another word–seriously! The Pacific region is FULL of beautiful women, deep blue oceans, the superlative of everything: most poisonous, most ferocious, and now–the happiest! Turns out, they were also gamers! Dammit, Aussies! (And don’t get me started, Hobbit-happy New Zealand….)

Where’s my Green Dragon Pub? WHERE?

I am posing the question, then. In Azeroth, what is your thing you are glad know exists? What is the happiest fact you know? Of course our friends, but in your response I would like something more specific. I’m pretty sure my multiple deaths in the Horde Hotel have brought a smile to Navi’s face. We all need more wombat smiles, that’s for sure!

OH OH OH – other random things:

Remember we were asking about new pets? I want GHOSTS! Ala The Ghost and Mrs. Muir – something ectoplasmic that follows us around. The idea was inspired when I found the typo in the quest log the other day, (it’s “despair,” not “dispair.”) and thought when a player sends that in to Blizz they should get something, and Cross-Dressing Rogue suggested a ghostly (sexy) librarian assistant. I would settle for a Mr. Snergguls, and his powers would be to bore his opponents to death and squirt red ink. That would be quite lethal, don’t you think?

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