RTMT: AOE, PVP, BYOB: Understand?

These are a Blood Elf and Human Warlock in disguise as hedonistic British women.

Dealing with communication or lack thereof is my area of expertise. And, yes, in some ways I have capped out on expertise +22 agility with a proc ratio of 3:2. What? What the hell am I talking about? Well, nonsense really, but for my WoW compadres, most of you know I am using the jargon of Azeroth. I heard this story the other day, and thought it was intriguing: In a Fragmented Universe, Can Pop References Still Pop? The thesis is that because of our increased media feedings and offerings, we don’t always get cultural/pop references like we used to. And, it made me feel better, too, because I don’t and catch watch every new show out there, and some I just flat-out refuse, like Bad Girls Club or The Jersey Shore. But even though I’ve never seen them, I know of them, and sure as hell know what a “Snookie” is or South Park’s reference to her (which was disturbing). I know there has been a small amount of snobbery in myself when I get references in Absolutely Fabulous or the IT Crowd. Playing WoW, and becoming a “better”* player, was largely in fact that over these few years of playing I have had to speak the language and become more fluent in Azerothian.

This is a gnome engineer, a human mage, and a night elf rogue in disguise.

Think about how many times you’ve heard from a more seasoned player about “back in Vanilla,” etc., those who remember how raids, loot, dailies, etc. were, and remember the hit caps from five tiers ago. I am not nearly that fluent, and sometimes put both my fingers in my ears and do a “lalallalalalalaICANTHEARYOU” motion, but some of the facts and figures, and cultural references are fascinating.

Maybe that’s how a guild also survives or not, not just the leadership, but when you feel like others “get” you? Just being understood is sometimes what love means. ‘Nuff said.

* “Better” is qualitative, because I’m still kind of dork.

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