Days: All Sixes and Sevens

Day Six and Seven are dedicated to workplace photo and reasons behind blog’s name:

Well, my cell phone is updating now, so, um, yeah, can’t take a photo of my work/desk area.

But remember when I made it all pretty?

Let’s just say it still looks like this.

And in my search for my desk photo, I found this old goody:

I remember long queues, before I started healing a lot. Kind of miss that. I know, I know – I can find anything to complain about.

Why Sugar & Blood? It’s from Sugar and Spice and everything nice, but girls/women love to whack virtual pixels, too, ergo the blood. Most folks think it’s a blog for diabetes, which is fine.

And in my sixes and sevens, all messed up and confuse-yness, wanted to share an amazing band:

Vintage Trouble

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