Let us eat cake!

I have been getting all kinds of e-mails and links for the Movie Mog thing, and let me tell ya’ll what – there are some AMAZING mogs out there – what talented, creative folks are out there! While we wait for the big presentation, I wanted to share this with everyone. On Valentine’s Day, a young squire gave me a piece of this cake, and…

…it was…

cake I ever had. It was perfect: moist, not too sweet, but rich, with a light layer of chocolate frosting and sesame seeds. I don’t really like frosting, and it was the perfect amount, almost more of a glaze. I couldn’t figure out what made it so incredible, or discern the flavors. I hounded this young man until he wrote down the recipe. The secret is CHEESE! Of course! Here is a shot of the recipe he wrote for me. (Remember, he’s working on two languages, not one, so don’t make any comments about spelling or I will track you down and box your ears!)

Since it was off the top of his head, I did a little research and found this:

I am going to make it for my birthday, cause you know, those birthdays that end in certain numbers need a little sweetness.

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