Day Nine, Ten, and Randomness

Time to hit the blog peddle on this one.

Day 9 is your first blog post. Let’s just skip that.
Day 10 are favorite blogs/websites. Let’s just say I got an i-phone so I could read what I want about Azeroth during my breaks at work.
Day 11: Bad habits and flaws: Nail biter, cry-baby, impulsive, flirty mess. And those are on my good days.
Day 12: Usual Day: Will get back to you. But it involves coffee.
Day 13: See Day 10.
Day 14: This upsets me: Just watched Samsara the other evening. Pretty much summed up my concerns that we are de-evolving. Although, the film did have great contrast, and the last scene did put me in such a meditative state; it was hypnotic.
Day 15: Desktop background on my computer:  It changes, but if you’re looking for something cool, may I suggest:
Day 16: Things you miss, post Cataclysm: Just some friends, and nothing “just” about that.
Day 17: Favorite spot in game:’s a secret.
Day 18: Favorite outfit: Well I can’t choose one, but let’s say Mataoka shifts between the fiery reds and the calm greens/blues, Haanta just obtained Little Red’s cloak recently which looks smashing with her wolf, Lobito, and Zep flucuates between sinner and saint:

Day 19: In your bags and bank:

Day 20: Deserves a post all its own. To follow later this week.

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