The "Mataoscars"*(TM): Red Carpet Strut

Haanta pilfered this red carpet from Karazhan, thinking it would be just the thing for the grand red carpet walk! Prince Medivh would never miss it, right? Just take any rug in the house…even though it really tied the castle together.

Disclaimer: Originally I had written that I would post all the choices on Survey Monkey and let you all decide; since I started getting so many exquisitely crafted entries, that idea was scrapped. Everyone is truly a ‘winner.’ Yeah, yeah, you say, sure. But I humbly ask you all lay your competitive mogging natures aside, and just enjoy the show!

Your host this evening is Random Murloc, Entertainment Reporter for the Azerothian Sun Times: Mr. Murloc, take it away!

Now, for each of our award recipients, we have only provided one photograph from the cast of characters – for more amazement, please click on their links and look over the ensembles. Vera Wang, eat your heart out! 

Best Use of Gimp Facewear and Dark, Dystopian Vision: Tome of the Ancient with Bladerunner!

Best Use of Blue Draenei racial feature and Going Native: Navimie of The Daily Frostwolf with Avatar

Best “That is Exactly What Tolkien Had In Mind” goes to Lorelei from Zazzy Mogs

Best “That is Spot-On Amazing” Kamilia for the professors from Harry Potter

Best Use of Screaming Eels: Cymre, The Princess Bride

Oscar for “I Want to Choke on an Apple and Have You Kiss my Face” goes to Nxyrinne for Snow White:

Best Use of White Rabbits, and Wanting to Fall Down Rabbit Holes goes to Saga from Spellbound for Alice in Wonderland:

Anoukisse from Diary of a Gnome Spy brings us the Best Supporting Actors Ever in the History of Ever, The Lord of the Rings:

Kaitz from Memoirs of a Pet Collector wins the award for “Redemption of Kristin Stewart as Snow White for a Non-Believer” Oscar (seriously – these are amazing)

Oscar for “Hans Solo Fired First” Star Wars, Syrco!

Jaedia takes home the award for Best Redheaded Princess and Mother’s Love, from Brave:

Award for My Favorite Singing Mermaid of All Time, The Little Mermaid goes to Malkshake:

For “Making It Look Easy Even When It Wasn’t and Best Blog Post About This Contest,” Starre for Breaking Dawn!

Oscar for “Is That a Light Saber In Your Pocket or Are You Glad to See Me?” Jstmel’s Star Wars:

Award for Most Swoon-Worthy Epic Movie of All Time, Tyledres of Frost & Claws, Beauty and the Beast (And if anyone calls me a beast they’re toast)

Please – if I forgot someone, please be kind and tell me right away so I can amend the situation! Apparently I can’t count either because I counted some twice, but here is what we have. I cannot urge you all strongly enough to click on every one of these links and congratulate these players for their originality, creativity and keen eye for style! And credit must go to Cymre for coming up with the Mataoscars! Brava!

I could not have asked for anything better, and thank you all again for these wonderful creations!

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