Life without fantasy…

I had planned on writing a post titled, “Sucking at the speed of light,” because my new RAM is installed, and yes, I STILL SUCK! Woot! But now faster. (Note to self: every time I wrote the word “entitled” when I meant to say “titled” is an egregious malapropism on my part…hope Garrosh didn’t notice…) So while I am not sure I will be a better player, what this 8GB of awesomesauce really means is I can ALT TAB BABY! I can write a post, check email, get irritated over Facebook, all good things, while I camp for Arcturis. Rather, other campers camp for me. They bring their spirit bears around to screw with my NPC scan, they spit, wave, beg, plead, (hmmm, sounds a lot like Facebook) whlie I wait for the magical spawn of Arcturis. In wars of attrition, I lose every time. Staring contest? I’ll blink. Rochambeau? Your rock will never be bested by my paper. One-two-three-four-I-declare-a-thumb-war? Pinned. So this waiting-for-the-bear may be a loss for me. Haanta is restless, she misses Sweater, and has poison ivy from the one time she had to pee in the bushes. But hang on little huntress, it’ll be okay! While you’re trapped by bear-desire, your human counterpart is perusing beautiful images:


I’ve been thinking a lot about what my good friend remarked about me the other morning, my loose foothold between reality and fantasy. As I said, she was right. But what she may not know about me is it’s not a recent development, just that Azeroth paved a pixelized path between worlds. I know many folks play this game textbook method: they want answers and strategies bullet-pointed and results guaranteed. I have to remind myself that ‘using as directed’ is going to produce side-effects and unintended consequences.

Now, is there something to be done about any of this? Not sure. Keep waiting for the bear, I suppose.

Matty Moth Superstar!

My buddy Krasher knows his business when it comes to pets, pet battles, and leveling them. He has been exceedingly generous with his time, information, expertise, and..PETS since pet battling came on deck. He made this great video showing how he levels pets quickly – I know many of you are experts in this, but what I like about this video he talks about how to stop or start certain spells — something I am still not too great at, or know that much about. I tend to MASHALLTHINGs with my characters and pet battles, and then wonder why I fail so miserably?

Regardless, with no further ado:

WoW Pandaria Pet Power Leveling

My pets have all run feral lately, and I need to get on the stick. I seem to like getting them more than leveling, so this will help a lot! Enjoy!