Great blue shammy yonder…

Early Monday morning, Dornaa completed the Netherwing Drake exaltation, and hatched an Onyx drake, emptyied out the guild bank* and purchasing the others. Now, at a 168 mounts, quite a ways to go for the 200…oh well.

That’s Mistress Highlord to you, punk!

Dornaa is quite relieved she doesn’t have to wear that Orc disguise any longer: no offense, but the thing was causing a mean rash in her, um, nether region…no pun intended.

In other news:
Mataoka has her Orb on, too:

And, (hoping you won’t read this part), after a death in a HS and on my warlock Kellda trying to bring down, with professional help mind you, a Warbringer, and dying horrible, embarassing, multiple deaths, it has been determined that:

I suck.

Back to the character drawing board.

*Sorry, SeƱor. I’ll pay it back…I’m good for it!