Day 10: Beverage

“Careful man, there’s a beverage here.” – the Dude

“Aye, Lassie, you just had a baby elephant! Oh, the wee thing is a girl!”

Gina Firebrew looks on…

“Watch yer back…”

Oh, you’re killing me Tycertank. I don’t even know where to start with this one: always best to start at the beginning I suppose: Mataoka drinks with Dwarfs.

I’ve been watching a lot of Drunk History lately. Highly recommend it.

How can any self-respecting Dwarf-loving player not gain access to the Brew of the Month Club? Don’t even talk to me if you don’t look forward to that monthly package, wrapped in wood shavings, carefully delivered bottle of surprise? Not to mention the ability to grab a case from your favorite BOTM vendors…

With all the hand-crafted micro breweries around the Northwest (and all over) the brewers outdo one another in creative marketing and cute beer names, but none of them have yet to produce holographic pink elephants. Try again, gentlemen: in the meantime, this round’s on me.

Oh, and Tycertank: this is lovely:

Lady in red…


What a difference a day makes: Wednesday’s child was full of woe, but Thursday’s child is rocking the house… Thursday was a vastly different day: work was 180° from previous days: my bosses were complimentary and appreciative, there was great synergy and honesty in discussions, and…now the big news: I overhauled my UI back to what was comfortable. Seriously, priorities people! I’ve played with the destruction spec more, and love it. Kellda slammed through the Northern Barrens, and since the mage had previously acquired the three-headed pet thing, Kellda decided to do the boxing gloves and get into the ring. So…much…fun!

Okay. I feel better. Red is my color.

Red, Red Wine