Day 14: Michael Bay Trash

Cynwise: A Thousand Paper Cuts: Cognitive Fatigue in the Warcraft UI

Day 14: Trash

Now, I know it’s not just me: sometimes, many times in fact, the noise and light pollution coming off of game play feels like it’s going to break my brain. It’s too much. With the flying numbers, words, light, spell abilities–it’s too much. Light pollution is a huge issue, but one of those we scrubby-bug humans don’t do much about, because we no longer “need” the stars to sail our ships by…or so we think. I miss stars.


Anyway, not sure what’s to be done by all the noise and light trash when we are playing. Thinking about this, no wonder why I took this screenshot last night, and I wasn’t even thinking about the daily screenshot challenge. This is just what I do.

I was lucky to get in with a really nice group (thanks to my friend Turk), and won a nice healing ring. My DPS was lousy, but no one seemed to mind. I stepped in this snakes’ nest, and one of the poor pythons seemed to want to reach up and kiss me. I love the simple images, and have often posted screenshots of the micro-shot, tiny moment.

Case in point, I take what I call “tiny” shots of my characters when I see them in interesting color/light phases. Oh, there’s that snake again! He wants to love me, and squeeze me, and just eat me up!

Cute Aggression: It’s serious business