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Pan’s Labyrinth 

Yesterday, on a much-needed walk, CD Rogue and I contemplated giving up Facebook for awhile. But then one of my soul-sisters, one of those women I don’t get to see very much but who has a knack, an enchanting way of putting up interesting ideas, posted this: Guillermo del Toro’s Sketchbook

Like she read my mind. 

A few weeks ago, I had a draft of this post containing the faun from Pan’s Labryinth, as a connection to Draenei. And, in the same conversation I had with the young squire about Forsaken paladins, we also discussed how neglected, but important, the Draenei lore is. We both agree that Draenei should be warlocks, too. Bottom line: they need more grit. “Long-suffering” doesn’t cut it when the Burning Legion is after you, no sir. I want the Draenei to get all kraf maga on their asses, and reclaim their rights, their territories, and their forty-thousand-millenia-of-wandering-in-the-nether-desert kind of thing. Garrosh is about to put the hammer down, AGAIN, so what have the Draenei been doing to prepare for this? Not much as far as I can tell as a race. Oh sure, they’ve grown accustomed to the beauty of Azuremyst, and the wounded still lie around the angry weeds, but other than that they seem to dance the fandango and batusi and look all hot and stuff. That’s not going to win any epic battles, unless it’s a wet T-shirt contest. That might boost the morale of the troops but it sure as ain’t going to win any wars.

Pan’s Labyrinth is firmly one of my favorite films of all time. We were disappointed in del Toro’s latest film, Mama, however. Quite a bit so. The female protagonist is the epitome of young women having desires to have a life and career that substantially does not involve children, and then she’s not only relieved when the pee stick comes back negative, but her relief and lack of ‘motherly instinct’ is punished with two filthy, cherry-pit pooping spawn of crazy. That must be how most new mothers feel:  it’s tough to bond with feral, biting, moth-eating minions. Sure is.

From Guillermo del Toro’s Sketchbook:  click

But just as I can forgive M. Night Shyamalan just about anything because of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs. I can forgive del Toro for Mama. We had a movie night were we watched Scary Movie 5, Sinister, and Red. CD Rogue told me I’m not allowed to tell anyone we watched Scary Movie 5, but sometimes I just need some campy* crap. Sinister looked promising but then the director/writer fell into current bad cinematic habits of the “startle” and not the “scare.” Hitchcock, where are you!?! Red was great, but then again, it had Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis.

Let me repeat: Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis.

Oh, and John Malcovich. Want to get in his head, too.

The writers at Blizzard are missing a bet here: don’t forget the draenei. Don’t shy away from adding more grit, more breadth and depth to their lore, characters, and personality. Becoming a parody of themselves potentially risks undermining a powerful story. You’ve led us into this labyrinth: we seek a path to the light.



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Weepy writing warlocks…

Eating my own head: typical

I can’t find my black writer’s journal. I searched for it yesterday afternoon in my stacks of things, and it’s gone. I’ve had it for weeks, staring at me with the potential of my scribblings and notes, false starts and story seeds, and now…there are rumors of dishes, spoons, and fiddling cats perhaps pilfering it in the night, but unsubstantiated. This, among some other things, made me a little weepy yesterday. I have tried so hard this summer to organize things, set things right, and have something to show for my efforts, and yesterday, well yesterday felt like the Sunday night of this season. I hate Sunday nights. Sunday nights are the sniveling, broken-promise-of-was-going-to-bake-you-cookies-but-I-didn’t of the days. That was my mood yesterday afternoon.

Perhaps it was brought on, in part, by my personal in-game promises, or goals (I mix the two concepts up):

1. Finish Wrathion’s challenge
2. Finish the Green Fire quest
3. Adopt a Spirit Bear
4. Find an Unborn Valk’yr.

This would appear, if my data are correct, as a 25% success rate. Not great.

However, flying under the banner of “What I Can Control” guise, I can, and will, get to know this warlock better. Tome, too, has been playing with another specialty in her warlock repertoire. To better my own lock-skills, there are two warlocks I admire. In true professional journalistic integrity, I sought permission from Purpleice beforehand to show and discuss his elite warlock:
The second one lives in anonymity at all costs, so he shall remain, respectfully, to himself.

Some of his glyphs/talents surprised me, and yes, we must concede that he his an epic raider and has obtained wonderful gear. But he is a humble little gnome, head and shoulders above the rest, or at least hoof and ankles, and the human behind the lock is very funny and kind.

This one surprised me because I thought this was more for Demonology – now I am going to try it out for my Destro spec, too.

Oh, that’s what that does!

Again, surprised. Demons just aren’t for Demonology…

As far as stat priorities go, it would seem that Destruction and Demonolgy are basically the same:

Hit – 15%
then Crit for Destro

Okay. Simple enough. One thing that caught my eye was that Icy Veins highly recommend Elvui. I did like it, but….


Anyway. Tome and I share a love of learning, and trying new things. This post in no way, shape or form is to insinuate that I am an expert in warlockery – not even close. I just know that if I post it here it won’t get lost, like some black writer’s journal I know. Perhaps it ran off with my Grimoire of Awesomesauce. That seems to be missing, too.

Day 15: The Best


“But until then, be patient, Knight of the Silver Hand…”

When one is a paladin, your hero’s heart and good intention are immediately part of something larger, something true and honorable, from the first moment your squire’s boots hit the path to Stormwind. A paladin is part of lore, a noble guild, the Knights of the Silver Hand. In a revealing conversation with a young squire the other day, we both heartily agreed the Forsaken should be allowed to be paladins. They can be priests, and continue their work in service of the Light, so why not keep their stature as paladins, too? What they were in moral life should carry through their good works in service of the Lady in the afterlife.

I just saw an e-mail pop up in my open Outlook folder. My own real-life guild is fighting the good fight on behalf of my own paladin ways. This little paladin hasn’t seen a tuppence more in pay in over seven years. This little paladin has spent thousands of her own money on necessities for those in her care. This little paladin is getting tired, and feeling drained, and the battle has yet to begun anew. Pray for this little paladin, please. She needs it. But when one is part of the Silver Hand, one is truly the best.

What kind of D&D character am I?

Turns out I am a low-level, weaksauce human sorcerer. Not even a wizard. Damn.