Day 18: Someone you spoke to today


Since I am the early bird in the Matty-shack, I seldom ever speak to real, living humans first, and there are blog posts to be written, ya bums! My morning habits of checking blogs, news, telling the dog to sit,  drinking coffee, relieve my urge to communicate, to connect.

I don’t keep all those bookmarks, nor screenshots. I know where the computer’s trash can is. Had to block out a personal family pic, if you’re curious about the smudge.

This screenshot is from a comment I added to Big Bear’s thread on his incredible, comprehensive pet battling post. Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about pet battling, there it is.  Another comment I added today was to Erinys’s idea about a St. Bernard hopefully, wishfully, being added to Brewfest activities. And another to Cymre congratulating her on her legendary mace. So before it’s 8am, I’ve connected, virtually at least, with tens of people. I love to write — I know — ‘state the obvious day,’ but I love its counterpart: reading. The two are so intertwined, so connected, I never understood how anyone can even attempt to put writing in its separate pursuit or craft, or vice versa. I am fascinated by how humans communicate. Oh, sure, dolphins and whales have grand conversations, too, but until they start writing blogs I may never know what they’re talking about.

Language first appeared between 30,000 and 100,000 years ago in the species Homo sapiens. But how did language evolve? Currently, there are two rival answers to this question: the first and more common explanation is that language was an adaptation of some sort; the second (chiefly espoused by Stephen Jay Gould) is that language is a spandrel, a nonadaptive element arising as a byproduct of other processes. We will consider these explanations in reverse order.

Wait a minute: that just gave me an idea. I’ll jot it down for later.