Day 23: Yellow


Yellow: I read somewhere never to paint a baby’s room yellow because it can cause stress (not sure in the baby or the nursing mother, but immaterial I suppose). Yellow is a primary color I tend to shy away from: it is the color of caution, warning, or unadulterated notice. It is the original color of Post-It notes and piss. Dandelions are yellow: I hate dandelions. They remind me of sloth and carelessness, despite their cautionary message.

And yet, I cannot live without yellow. No one can. It is the color that creates orange, and green, the color that gives voice to the stronger, more saturated hues, reminding us of why we love them. It doesn’t associate with purple, or indigo: but it makes the moon creamy and dance with the velvet, and gives the fire the light: it is the color, with its brethren red and orange, of warmth.

One of my favorite sites is National Geographic, for many reasons, but one of their photography series is Life in Color. This is the Life in Color: Yellow link.

I had originally thought to do a full, sunny, blinding Quel’Danas shot, but last night, while Kellaen was exploring, she discovered the hovel of one Captain Beld of the Dark Iron Clan. Unfortunately, he had to die by her sword, too, but he was all right. He came back to fight another day.

Do not cry for Captain Beld: he’s all right.

Do you see how yellow, when it does not try to dominate, creates magic in a palette? This hearth may be one of the most beautiful in Azeroth. The golden bottles illuminate tiny spaces on the mantle. Yellow, in small doses, is as necessary as fireflies and desired as butter.

No other choice: Yellow/Cold Play

Day 22: A room


So many nooks, crannies, and secret hideaways to choose from, but I keep going back to the one in the Tainted Forest, and this one in Thelsamar:

I challenge any Horde to find as cozy, sweet, and snuggly warm as a Dwarf’s cabin. Many of them are equipped with a painting of a beautiful nude woman, lying supine with a black or dark blue velvet undergarments. Okay, so technically she’s not nude, but suggestive. Dwarf can’t live by ale alone to inspire him, ya know?

Another one in the Thunderbrew Distillery, by the artist “One Note Brush Stroke”

This is Kellean, a new paladin: no disrespect to Luperci, but I needed to start fresh. Who am I kidding? I did it for the pretty horse:

Kellean with an old friend, keeping Stormwind safe. For now.

Today is finding me with time at home instead of work, where I have a mountain of things to do. I have  that same mountain here at home, so perhaps that is why my eyes popped open at 5 AM? Anyway, no matter. I was thinking I might do this new fun idea Erinys pointed my mind to:  Alt Appreciation by a blogger named Laeleiwyn. Effraeti has gotten in the spirit, too! And I thought to myself: “Matty, the last thing you need is one more project. So, I think I shall leave the Alt Appreciation posts to others. Don’t hold me to it, though.

When I thought about the word for Day 22, I couldn’t help but think of all those paintings from my undergraduate days, when I took on three motifs/topics: self-portraits of me in archetypal poses; marine biology in macro views (mostly mermaid’s purses and shells); and paintings of interiors. These one is one of my first, and favorites:

Day 21: Slow


There are so many ways to show the concept of “slow” but I chose an ideal fantasies: warm, tropical breezes, trolls under control and far, far away, and gentle waterfalls. On the precipice of a 5.4, when whatever we think we want to do will be faster, more, ‘get there first, go big or go home’ I wanted to remind myself of the mental vacations available for unlimited time in Azeroth. Trolls can wait.*

Theme song: Wish You Were Here/Pink Floyd

*I may be posting these on my own schedule—the prize is just putting these together.