RTMT: Long Way To Go and Day 28: Corridor


Stay the course, Dornaa…

I woke up this morning still tumbling a negative thought in my head, of whether or not to confront someone about a ‘thing.’ The reason this person did this thing, (and this is the second time), is because they don’t know me. They made an assumption. Now I’m old enough to have been around this block once or twice: do people change? Or, by being honest with “how you made me feel” trope can you make them see your point of view? /shrug I don’t know. I was thinking if it happens three times then I’ll say something, but that is officially going into festering territory. What I do know about people are the things that are important to them do not translate into what’s important to us. The problem is when I confront someone emotionally I tend to tear up. I can’t do this, namely because this person tends toward bully territory, and will misconstrue tears as weakness, not anger. (Yes, this person is a female: gender makes no difference when it comes to bully acuity.)

Maybe I’ll keep this image that Cynwise posted today, and just set the whole thing on mental fire:

Cynwise: On Golden Lotus Dailies

Time to toughen up. Know I am strong. Show I mean business. And I do. I’ve been down this road before.

Day 27: Ten minutes from home


Ten minutes from home–yes, I know technically these are not screenshots from Azeroth, but they are proof of sorts of time spent in the real world. This is from Sunday morning, starting at 9:37AM on my way to meet my friend for our semi-monthly breakfast. This particular Sunday I can proudly say I did NOT CRY: that has been my typical, and I’m not proud of it, thing. I don’t know what it is. This friend is truly a safe place to fall, to share what stuff, ideas, etc. and she always gives patient, sage advice. I used to give people patient, sage advice, but it seems now all my advice is parsed out to gnomes and elves. I’ve lost my street cred. Now, now, don’t worry: I am really a happy person. Sometimes things get a little wonky, and sometimes things hurt, but nothing like a real friend, cooling coffee in big thick mugs and Eggs Benedict to set things right. Yes, and I ate the orange garnish too. With bacon.

The tiny clock does say “9:47”

As the Southern Hemisphere moves to spring and summer, so we Northerners move to fall and winter. Time flies when you’re having fun. It even flies when you’re not.