Tiny Story Time: Mataoka’s & Navimie’s Friday Fished-Up Fables: Vareesa

“Please stamp on the coin, sir, just as I have written it here: Asto’re da shan’re. Turus Fulo II’amare, A’Talah Adore. Isera’duna…” Vereesa used both her hands as paperweights on the scroll, to show the goblin coin-maker the words. He nodded. “I see,” he grumbled. Vereesa paid the engraver a large sack of gold she took from Rhonin’s coffers. This wish came with a heavy cost. Goblins like their money a little dirty, and dried blood remained on many of the coins. Turning a sack of gold into one copper coin was not a fair trade, but she was told his magic was guaranteed. As for her lost sisters: there was nothing she could do. She resorted to the blood magic, thinking that if she wished for honor, for peace, surely the gods would grant these wishes. They were selfless desires, not vain. But she had forgotten to scrub out the last line, the one about the green ones…to wish death brought bad luck. The goblin saw the words, and believed she was wishing death on goblins. He miscast her name intentionally, for if the gods can’t find the right soul, the wish will not come true. Vereesa lost her way, too, and the gods never found her wish.

The mysteries of misspellings.

Navimie’s Ansirem

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