BRF: Bitchy Resting Face

Bitchy Resing Face
Bitchy Resting Face

Was I excited to see the new female Draenei models?! YOU KNOW IT BRO! SO Excited, like Amy Schumer excited! Like, helllllsya, especially after the idiotic April Fool’s debacle, Blizzard efffing OWED me one! Well, we all know Blizzard owes us nothing. But artists, please: this poor new model is seriously suffering from a debilitating case of BRF: Bitchy Resting Face. It is a common ailment that robs young, often beautiful women of their friendly affable countenances, making social contact and approachability awkward. I myself for years have been afflicted with BRF – simply walking down a hallway or trying to juggle grocery bags I’ve been told to “SMILE.” Hmm. Anyway, maybe that’s why I love Mataoka’s little face – I mean, just LOOK at her – she shows kindness and inner strength:

matty face





Blizzard, I am warning you now: cure these Draenei girls of their BRFs now. Even if you don’t agree that BRF is the culprit, at present time this face looks even more alien, bug-like, and disconnected. Yes, I know – wait till animations come out, blah blah blah. But I remind you –look at Matty’s face and tell me if animations could make her any more beautiful? That’s what I thought.



13 thoughts on “BRF: Bitchy Resting Face”

  1. LMAO!
    No seriously, this is not my LOL (all the way through this video) face, it’s my sad and sympathetic face – just for you Matty.

  2. I know how you feel but mine is a little different. I am told all the time why am I “grumpy” or “mad” which I really am not! So the time when Cym told me my eye expressions are like SHAWN CONNERY!!! (Epic looking actor/guy) that made my LIFE!

  3. That’s not bitch face, it srs bsns face! 😛 I also suffer from BRF, so all of my game characters look natural that way to me. Except my monk, I made her smiley like Mataoka. She seemed like a happy-go-lucky kind of gal from hanging out with Pandas!

    1. Well there is a cure. It usually involves a footballer from NZ and a martini. I did not name it – just consider this a public service announcement! *pours self a martini*

  4. LMAO! You’ve got to stop with this, my second morning of hysterical laughing. I used to suffer from bitchy snooty face I was told but I really think the scowl was just the result of sinus problems.

    I hope Matty retains her sweet face, now Cat’s getting worried about her makeover. All she wants is smaller hands, pretty please.

    1. Gads, I hope so too! Those artists are so talented, but maybe when they realize they have afflicted Dranei females with this condition their pens will find a cure. We shall persevere!

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