Patience, patience…(Forty-Beats #34)

KellanyxMoving over from Blogger to WordPress has been on my mind for quite some time, and thanks for gentle nudging from two fellow blogging friends, I’m working on it. I have so many little fun projects right now, why not a blog makeover? I’m overdue for one. But like all moves, it takes a lot of elbow grease and attention to details. Can’t pack grandma’s china in the same box as the hammers, you know. Already I feel that some of my imported items from could have been given to Goodwill or trashed. Picking through what I want to bring and leave behind will be tough. Little details, like getting the clock right, to moving over the stories, etc. It’ll be okay.

Neo has been great about offering a spot in his guild, so am considering a move there, too. The thing is, I can’t leave Whisperwind and my friend Señor, so am certainly not moving characters who belong on Whisperwind and in the Drunken Fish. So here’s my plan:

*Get Kellrose to level 60, choose enchanting and tailoring (maybe engineering!? Argh!) as her two professions, boost her, move her, and get her busy for that guild. I may even move Sajja, too. We’ll see. Meanwhile, Kellanyx is looking goooood in her new threads. Thanks to Helke for playing paper dolls with me yesterday!

Okay, back to packing…please join this site and move with me!



11 thoughts on “Patience, patience…(Forty-Beats #34)”

  1. Woot! When you said you’d be transferring the blog eventually I didn’t expect it to be this soon. A big, fat welcome to WordPress and let me know if you need help working out the kinks (I created Coolidge’s blog as well). 😀

    1. Yes! As a matter of fact, I can’t get the Text widget to hold HTML and it’s kind of starting to piss me off, quite frankly. I looked it up and the information is over 3 years old. Help with that first would be grand!

      1. Sure thing! The good news is I’ve used WordPress for years, so not a total noob! But you’ve added polish I envy – thanks!

  2. Ill be willing to help to if you need any assistance. I say Welcome to the wordpress family!!! 🙂 i know you told me that you are moving your blog. This is nice. Looking forward to the final launch! 🙂

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