OLRG: Urban Dictionary Edition

Yes, I am loving this new WordPress site.


Except…for that one thing. Well, there are two. Maybe three things. But nothing that can’t be fixed. Here’s the first thing that causing me some blog-sog: I didn’t anticipate first that I would not be able to use Clustrmaps. It requires Java, which is a Plug-in, etc. I remember from my other blog, which is a cousin of WordPress, those things were easy as creampie. (DON’T LOOK THAT UP.) I know that if I get my own domain/website up and running, I’ll be able to do anything I like. Anything, yes, even become MASTER OF MY DOMAIN. The thing is about ClustrMaps is I knew where some of my very best Azerothian friends live, or relatively (I’m not a stalker peeps), and it was incredibly comforting to know that Chicago, Minneapolis, or Denver stopped by. WordPress shows me in broad geographical strokes who came knocking, and I feel oddly and forlornly disconnected. Yes, I realize that makes me a dork in the truest sense of the word. Those little dots on my map weretlike a little postcards of thought, like a Hershey’s Kiss. This writing thing – really – what good is it if I only write for myself?

Now, I need to make some analogies obvious: the reason why that image of the poor old lady up there looking frustrated at her computer is because she represents my inner oldy-ness. Years ago I would have handily figured out how to make my own domain/etc. But in a long marriage, one of the secrets to success is delegation. (You don’t think technology and marriage are related? You would be wrong.) Ergo, ipso facto, carpe diem – I have relegated all things tech to CD Rogue, who, coincidentally DID get a new job, and is in a jungle with one of our cubs on a trip far, far, away, and when he gets WiFi sends me sweet texts about monkeys stealing food from tourists and drinking cervezas. Wait, he’s drinking the cervezas, not the monkeys. Stupid monkeys. Anyway – the trip and the job also are complete non-sequiturs, so sue me.  So while trying to find a funny meme to post for this week’s OLRG informational post, I came across some disturbing phrases that, of course, being of an inquisitive nature, researched. Now my word bank, albeit richer, is now much, much dirtier. I know Urban Dictionary provides more information than necessary, but et tu, Wikipedia? With the images? Dios mio! Oh well. All of this is a LONG way around to basically say – my friends– be patient with me. Please let me know you’re still there. Please. I have to wait until CD Rogue comes home and then about another week before he’ll be ready to give my website his technical attention. I cannot believe I can’t figure it out by myself, but I don’t want to. But when he does set it up, you’d better believe I’ll be watching over his shoulder.

So OLRG: this Saturday we’re starting a little earlier so PlaidElf has more time. Amerpriest wants to go to Naxx, was it? Ulduar?Anyway, still have some dangling achievements al over the place, which are a lot like dangling modifiers. Both of which still confuse the hell out of me.

3PM Pacfic/Firelands/Ulduar/something current?

Oh, and I bought this:




I don’t even like rum – but that name! Someone may be answering why is the rum always gone…cause a monkey took it.

12 thoughts on “OLRG: Urban Dictionary Edition”

  1. The new site does look nice! And I’ve added it to my blogroll so I don’t miss any posts. 😀 And if it makes you feel any better my husband does pretty much all the tech stuff too, so you’re not the only one in that boat.
    I am so excited for Saturday. Yay for my favorite Old Ladies!

    1. Aw thanks PE! Still have to move my blog links over, and a few other things, but getting there! Husbands are good for a few things, so yeah, divide and conquer!

  2. Haha! Yes i still like to go any old content if you guys are going… definitely be there. Loving the new site regardless some plugins are missing. =) i just recently added that domain of mine not long ago too so yea im still learning here. But anyway, Love the artistry on the side widget though… also that Wine yea wait till OLRG runs definitely need that lol

  3. Your link’s been updated and I’m selfishly happy about your move as I can now instantly see your responses to comments. I’ve always had some blogger envy as there are cool gadgets that WP doesn’t have.

    An hour earlier sounds great! Now just to remember!

    1. The bad news is when I get back to work next week all I’ll be able to do is approve via phone – considering how much work I left for this ‘vacation’ and what I’ve actually accomplished – feeling a huge amount of cognitive dissonance right now! See you earlier!

  4. Welcome to the ‘hood! I’ll have to update your link.

    Was there going to be a Horde side OLRG thing at all? Just wondering whether I need to bother getting up early or not.

    1. Not this week- I owe Amerpriest an Ally side one. Maybe I’ll switch up the weeks. I don’t want to say yes and have you lose valuable sleep. Sleep makes everything better.

  5. As others stated, welcome to wordpress. Aside from some minor issues, I really do like it. I’m also a fan of the layout and design you’ve got going on.

    How was the Kraken? I’ve heard decent things.

    1. Thank you sir! I think…I think I’ll go try some now! And maybe I will forget about that mess I left on my floor that I posted on FB…lol!

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