Creative procrastination


CD Rogue sent me this link the other day regarding a new game called Black Desert. The character customization is insanely specific, down to the last eyelash. This week I wanted so many projects to come to pass, and now it’s Thursday, and while I have a long 12 hours ahead of me, I feel I need to double-it and circle back. This is one of those moments to make a retro list – make a list of things I’ve done just to cross them off again. In any case, if I am quiet today in Azeroth it’s because I am working off scene, too. My characters for My Role Play WILL get done today, as well as other projects, too.

Good character creation ideas:

2 thoughts on “Creative procrastination”

  1. I tried to visit Black Desert’s site yesterday and got a “we’re too busy to let you in” message which made me all the more curious.

    Oh no, I’m an internet researcher/gamer.

    I wondered where you were, that darn demanding real life!

    1. I have been in Azeroth too much, but am keeping a perpetual tabbed out mode too- it’ll be okay – I bought some elbow grease at the store!

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