RTMT: Blood Moon


This event demands a Story Time post, for how can any reasonable writer worth her salt walk away from an astronomical phenomenom such as a ‘blood moon?” I knew it was coming, I read the news, I saw the posts, and yet, at that moment when I could have walked outside I was sound asleep. Me and sleep — we have a special relationship. Sunday night the moon was so bright, so full, when I tried to sleep on the couch with the fire I was restless. The dog was restless. So ‘Moonday’ night–deeply exhausted, sleep won.


Even this morning knowing I have an early morning meeting, my mind played Joker and told my hand to reset the alarm to a half hour before I would have to leave. Don’t think I can get gorgeous in half an hour? Pffft. I confess it’s getting harder and harder each year. In my twenties, a few swipes of under-eye concealer and teeth brushing, now it takes forklifts and spackle. Fortunately, sensible brain trumped hand and got my ass out of bed.

Really looking forward to game time tonight: Zeptepi is but two Titan Runestones away from her cloak. Sure, she’ll have to heal through the last battle, and (re) defeat all of the Celestials again, and then of course scrounge up the 7k gold for her shadow cloak, and sure, okay, the whole thing will end up at Goodwill in the next few months. I read that Big Bear is taking a break. Can’t say as I blame him. Not speaking for him, but an observation in general: I think many players, myself included, like to forget that Blizzard is a business, first and foremost, and churning out the pixie dust is hard work. I’m still enchanted, however, and live for those singular moments in Azeroth, those rare blood moon moments.

Speaking of which: used some chits to finally boost poor Rökkr, my second character created, a rogue. Poor Señor who is an expert at rogue helped her the other night go through her rotation. There is a story in here, too. I wasn’t going to log on during Mondays during Lent, and I had to sneak in (that’s what rogues do) and see if I could do anything on my own. I killed a few tigers, Señor, and a  frog or two! All by myself! Sure, I get eaten by a big white tiger, and yes, there were those repair bills, but you’d have been proud!

Patience friends, patient as a rogue, for when the moment comes to strike, when my energy bar is full again, I’ll get some of my ideas scribbled.

PS When I reached for my phone and Kindle this morning I pinched a nerve in my shoulder. (FFS)

9 thoughts on “RTMT: Blood Moon”

  1. I have a feeling my little Goblin Rogue is going to be boosted for her professions. I can’t figure out how she’ll even manage to kill anything on the Isle. Sneak sneak sneak … dammit, somebody tagged it. Sneak sneak …

    I missed it too, I don’t know if it was still visible at 4:30am but I forgot to look!

    1. I am so mad at myself for keeping herbalism on her: why didn’t I switch to skinning?! Sigh— need a boost do over, just like blood moons: oh and my early morning meeting was cancelled.

  2. I almost stayed up long enough to watch the eclipse. An hour before it was supposed to start, though, I didn’t think I could stand another hour of LFD — and it was foggy and windy and wet and chilly outside — and I couldn’t see the moon from the balcony of my apartment, so I would have actually had to go outside and around to the other side of the building — so I went to bed and slept through it.

  3. Mr Harpy told me to get up and look at the moon last night, said it was hung low against the sea and that it was beautiful. I, lying down with a temperature and feeling decidedly sorry for myself refused to get up.
    In penance I might use the Blood Moon as a prompt to tell more of my Rona Greenteeth’s story, perhaps of how a vengeful scared little girl became a Forsaken purveyor of dubious meats.

    1. I need WordPress lessons – sigh – replied to your comment many times what a dork I am. Anyway, I have missed out on many natural things – sometimes you just need to stay in bed. If it inspired a story, we all will be the richer.

  4. I didn’t realize the blood moon was coming but managed to get a sad camera-phone snap of it outside a fish & chip corner store because I was all “oh my the end of the world is coming, what a weird weird moon!” – then a dominoes pizza car with a shark fin light zoomed past in the dark and everything felt very surreal pffft… so I went to get Thai food & vodka instead, that was 8-9pm where I live 😀

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