Bulging disc…

stars and light







Cub is home with tummy ache, and though he can manage, figured I might as well try some motherhood redemption and take care of him; kind of a front since I also have procrastinated projects of my own, so might as well – and….

…going to try to finish Zep’s cloak quest. As much as I would have liked for all the Titan Runestones to finish dropping during my break so I could have taken a full, guilt-free day and tried and tried again, it wasn’t in the cards. I did try once, and then realized I really don’t know what the hell I am doing. I die way too fast, or Wrathion does, or someone gets a splinter or steps on a rock or sun’s in their eyes…

While researching how things have gone terribly wrong, the first video that pops up is Cymre’s! So wish me luck again, more so in finishing my projects than that cloak…/sigh

4 thoughts on “Bulging disc…”

  1. Oh hey, good luck! 🙂
    I didn’t try this but you can leap Wrathion out of the middle during the elemental phases. Doesn’t work that well at other times since he just runs straight back to fight but it will negate the damage in those phases at least.

    1. I did try that – I glanced at the first part of your video, saw what spells you were using, adjusted my glyphs/talents, and did it! Thank you!

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