Drabble: Light as a feather…

As strong as flight…

After a baby’s age, confidence demands attention and fostering. We lose more the higher we grow, it seems, and do not get back up. However, a little one will pull itself up, tumble, fall, and attempt to walk. While understanding defeat, she does not know surrender. Sheer pride in wobbly steps, buckling thighs, drooling grin: the priest felt this same joyous pride after healing with passion, and defending her host with power. She wished he could have seen her. He would have been so proud of her. However, Mrs. Whitworth wanted her to try it on four legs, not two.

wings 2
First light…


8 thoughts on “Drabble: Light as a feather…”

      1. Wait! I just thought of something! Anyone who does the legendary chain more than once should get the title “the Wingnut.” I think we should petition Blizzard for that! Geez, I might even try to do it to get that!

  1. Beautiful! And congratulations! I hope Laen can manage the healing part when he gets there. I’ll admit to being a little nervous about it already even though we’re only at the 7/20 Secrets point of the quest.
    Zeptepi’s new wings look lovely.

    1. Thank you my dear friend – there was something really special about the moment – she felt very singular and capable. Now to transfer those sentiments to “real life.”

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