OLRG: Not so cute now, huh?


I heard about the East Coast’s weather situation – what a terrible trick, like April Fool’s Day gone horribly wrong. (Doesn’t it always though?)  Last night CD Rogue read told me about a news story, a theory rather, about how another nation’s pollution is affecing the US. (To be fair, probably affecting the entire world, but you know us Yanks, we think we are the entire world.)


So for my mid-to-east friends, I am sorry. What a crock of bunny pellets, and I ain’t talking about black jellybeans. (Which should be outlawed, like the bogie flavored ones of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans).

All right, not going to start a tirade against black jellybeans. And murlocs know there ain’t nothing I can do about the weather. But I can host an Old Ladies Raiding Guild – I know it’s Easter weekend, and many folks have family events, etc. But here’s what I’m thinking   – let me know what you think, too:

3-4 PM –If Amerpriest can join us we’ll do Alliance Ulduar again – let’s start doing things for the proto drake mounts there. I have one, but not the other.

4-5 Something Hordy. Not sure what, and am open to suggestions.

Any requests? Any suggestions? I’m all ears.

Get it?

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