Wingnuts & Wigs

Well, it’s about that time again when I feel the urge to change the guild name. I can’t get back THE Drunken Fish, so I took a cue from Cornwall, England, and found this great name:

Our New Guild Name

It’s perfect, isn’t it? It reminds me of Tome’s great idea that anyone who gets three cloaks on characters should receive the title “Wingnut.” Blizzard, make it so. Seriously. That’s awesome. If you give me that title, I swear I won’t open up the Wig & Penis. (Or is this just a misunderstanding in typography?)

Okay, so cool – new guild name found. Check. And I have so many other things to write about, too! I’ll just go look for my credit card to make that change…oh look! Hearthstone! I’ll go play that instead.








7 thoughts on “Wingnuts & Wigs”

  1. Hearthstone is so distracting! It makes me not write – the horror – because I’m so busy playing around with my decks trying to make a nice hand that i can play with!

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