lost mind
Only 9%? Seems low.

There are times when I am grateful my guildmate Señor is not one of my battletag friends, for if he was he would see how many hours I’ve wasted on Hearthstone. I’m not sure what snapped into me: when I first played it for the mount, it aggravated the snot out of me. But then something clicked–probably that usual endorphine, lizard-brain, peck-for-the-pellet activity that ruins lives and destroys families. Dishes? Dinner? Pffft. Just try to compete with a summon random totem spell from Thrall, or the “You asked for it” confidence of Jaina. It was recently released for the i-Pad, too: now I just have to talk CD Rogue into letting me buy one. No, Matty! NOOOOOO. Just. No.



Okay, one more round….




10 thoughts on “Hearthstoned.”

  1. I am so addicted to Hearthstone. I’m considering forming one of those Fireside thingies just so I can get the special card back, except I live in the wasteland and I’m sure the lizards and snakes don’t wanna play with me. No iPad here, gotta use my laptop, but that’s OK, right?

  2. I have a perfectly functional but really old iPad that will not run Hearthstone. I was crushed. Then to add insult to injury they send me that email saying I could get a free deck. I must resist.

    1. CD Rogue spent 15 minutes going through the install on his old i-pad, just to be told at the end, “nope.” So I guess it’s time Blizz sent us all new i-pads! Yay! Oh…

    1. I got it to work on my old laptop – it is a bit laggy, but hey better than trying to do an LFR on the laptop…not that I ever did that…no…..

  3. Weirdly enough, I think I might be one of the very very select group of people that never got sucked into Hearthstone’s great maw, where the chair binds itself to you and where time has no significance. It seems like something I’d enjoy, the thrill and satisfaction I get when smashing an opponent’s minion into pieces is somewhat of a high to me…

    … alas, it’s probably just because I’m terrible at card games.

    1. So glad you’re here! Well–I too could never be a poker or blackjack players, but solitaire and go fish, now those I can handle. Today when a player pulled out a few of her purchased-pack rares, I said the hell with it for a bit. Nothing like meeting elites in a game of ‘go fish’ to lesson the charm! lol

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